Fun & Easy Party Idea: Creating a Balloon Arch

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

In 2021, creativity has taken a turn for the best...or the worst.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to planning a party. Whether it is for a newborn or a sweet 16, social media has taunted our minds to out perform and deliver the very best. Competing with influencers and celebrities who get given a lot for free in exchange for a promotion or simply have the money to spend on professionals.

When it comes to parties, we all want our stage to look out of this world. We want guest to be in awe by our talents and hospitality. One easy, relatively cheap and eye catching product, is a balloon arch. Guaranteed to leave your family and friends impressed.

If you hire a professional, it can range from £150-£300+. However, arranging a balloon arch is a lot easier than you think. Taking around 3-4 hours for beginners. With this simple guide and a few video and inspirational pictures, you will be on your way to creating an astonishing, eye catching, centre piece.

YOU WILL NEED: Balloon Garland Kit (Amazon) - £11-£15
Balloon Electronic Pump* (Amazon) - £15

*When buying your electronic pump, usually balloon glue dots, hooks, decorating strip and clear string are provided within the pack.

Start off by pumping all your balloons using your electronic balloon pump. It is important you do NOT over pump your balloons until they burst or look pear shaped. Fill your balloons with air until the shape of the balloon is round, like a ball. It may be tempting to fill the balloon more, or you may feel like you have not filled the balloon enough, but it is extremely important to keep a round shape to your balloons for a professional finish.

Once you finish pumping and tying your balloons, you should have various sizes, ranging from small to large. Using the larger balloons, attach them onto the clear decorating strip, securing the balloon using the designated spots.

Using hooks that can be found in your kit, attach the partially done arch onto your designated area, using the string provided to tie the arch onto the hooks.

Once the arch is attached and secure, using the adhesive glue dots and the smaller to medium sized balloons, cover any gaps exposing the strip, and smaller balloons dotted around the arch where it looks pleasing to the eye. You should face the tie of the balloon inwards, avoiding exposures of the ends.
You should be left with an amazing arch. Yes! It is as easy as that.

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